Speed Launch is an application designed to deliver a breath of fresh air to the process of launching mundane and repetitive tasks in Windows, offering a high level of flexibility in comparison to what is available by default with the operating system. The product of a collaboration between Matt Dyor, a patent attorney working with Microsoft’s Server and Tools Business, and David Craig, a support escalation engineer with Microsoft Office Delta Force team, Speed Launch will centralize all the shortcuts thrown at it (actually dragged and dropped), and will classify and then launch them in accordance with keywords that the end users will set up.

“Speed Launch lets you open anything you use frequently in seconds. Just take the “thing” (document, program, or website), drop it on the bull’s eye, and then give it a name that appeals to you. To open it any time later hit “Windows Key + C” and the launch window will open. You just type the name and hit enter. It’s that simple,” Dyor stated. More »

Keeping a close eye on Microsoft is not exactly an easy task, moreover since the company has entered a new era of translucency over transparency. But at the same time there are a variety of sources orbiting Microsoft and providing enough crumbs from the Redmond feast. The problem in this context is the centralization of information. In this regard, the Microsoft EvNet Dev Team has made available a collection of no less than five gadgets designed to integrate seamlessly with the Windows Vista Sidebar and deliver content from the main videocontent websites focused on the Redmond company.

“Check out this set of Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets for keeping up to date with the latest content on Channel 8, Channel 9, Channel 10, TechNet Edge, and Mix Online. Features: automatic rotation of latest articles on the site allows you to quickly see what’s new and keep up to date without opening a browser, read articles and view videos right on your desktop or navigate directly to the post and the gadgets work with both Silverlight 1.0 as well as the SL 2 beta,” revealed Ronan Geraghty, a member of the Developer and Platform Group in Microsoft Ireland. More »