Depending how you look at it Vista’s User Access Protection (UAP) is on it its best or worst features. In short every time you want to do anything that could possibly threaten the PC’s security or change Windows settings a message box pops up onto the screen demanding to know if you really mean it, or it asks you for a password or change your account status. For most users it is unnecessarily, annoying and a touch nannyish. If you are the only one using your PC, and you reckon you know what you are doing one of the first things you will probably want to do is switch it off. More »

Here’s another tip for speed demons, determined to shave the last few nanoseconds off their Windows XP boot up times. Truth be told this one probably won’t save more than a second or so but every little helps. The idea is that XP wastes time and resources checking to see if there are any devices connected to empty IDE slots on the PC’s motherboard. More »