How To Remove Windows Genuine Authentication (WGA) is simple, all need to do only follow this guide and your Windows will fix it again. Before you start this tutorial, you need to understand about little bit Regedit and of course running your Windows in Safe Mode. Before you started this tricks, this is more details about Windows Genuine Authentication (WGA)

The Windows Genuine Advantage notification checks if you have a genuine copy of Windows registered to that computer. It allows you to update your computer with the Windows updates. If you have installed it, and you do not have a genuine copy of Windows XP installed, then you may notice an icon at the bottom of your window before you Login. It will make you wait three seconds before allowing you to login. More »

For long time ago , I experiment with this problem too many times. and what I can do with it is, Format and Reinstall the windows. But now This problems happened on my boss’s computer, That why I have to try my best to find the solution to fix for him.

I have google it many time ago, but still can not find the right solution for this kind of virus. But I think depending on the level of the infection. if you were in the medium ,you maybe lucky!

This problems happened after you clean that virus from your computer ( I don’t remember what is the name of virus). So if yo have the same problems as me , hope you maybe able to fix it also.

Step 1: Create a BartPe Bootable CD

“BartPE” (Bart Preinstalled Environment) is the bootable Windows CD-Rom or DVD from the original Windows XP that we can say Live CD that, very suitable for PC maintenance tasks. More »