Gmail recently became more secure for users and now you can use the Gmail SSL (Secure Socket Layer) feature to enable HTTPS for a more secure connection online while accessing your email. But you have to enable the setting…

Secure Gmail Connection

How to enable default secure Gmail connection?
Login to Gmail > Go to Settings > General > Browser Connection

Browser Connection set to https will force a secure connection and is essential to keep your data safe and protect it from hijacking. It is essential particularly for those accessing Internet and gmail via public Wifi or non-encrypted networks. So if you routinely login via wireless internet at coffee shops, airports, college dorms, then you might need this additional layer of security.

But I see https when I login?

Gmail uses https to protect your password every time you log into Gmail, but they don’t use https once you’re in your mail unless you enable this setting. More »

There is no way to guarantee complete security on a wireless network. However, there are precautions you can take to help minimize security risks when you use a wireless network.

• Whenever possible, only connect to wireless networks that require a network security key or have some other form of security, such as a certificate. The information sent over these networks is encrypted, which can help protect your computer from unauthorized access. When you view available wireless networks in Connect to a Network, you’ll see text indicating if a wireless network has security enabled or not. More »

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