Once upon a time the Word .doc format was the de facto standard for word processing. Then Microsoft went and mucked it up with Word 2007, which introduced the XML based .docx format.

To be fair it is an improvement on clanky old .doc but it also meant that older versions of Word were unable to open document written in Word 2007 or later. Again, to be fair, there is the free Compatibility Pack available from Microsoft, but what if you haven’t got Word, and you get sent a .docx file? Well, there’s always OpenOffice or you could download the free Word Viewer, but this is an old program and it has a number of limitations.

There’s another alternative, how about TextMaker Viewer 2010. It will not only open password protected .docx files it also handles OpenOffice documents and a number of other popular word processor document formats.

Needless to say you can’t edit documents but they can be printed and exported as pdfs. There’s no catch, it’s free, though there is an annoying ‘nag screen’ but this can be disabled after the third time the program is opened by ticking the ‘Do not show again…’ box.

Downloads of the Open XML Compatibility Pack have passed the 100 million mark, Microsoft revealed. The Redmond-based company is offering the Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats for users of Office releases prior to Office 2007 in order to enable them to not only open, but also edit, and even save documents, workbooks, and presentations in Word 2007, Excel 2007, and PowerPoint 2007 file formats, namely the Open XML ISO standards. The software giant indicated that the number of Open XML Compatibility Pack downloads was illustrative of the increase in adoption of the OOXML standards introduced with the advent of the Office 2007 System.

“The compatibility pack is a manual download. It is not pushed through any update channels. In order for an end user to obtain it, they must visit the Microsoft download center, select one of the 35 available languages, and download the 26MB installer. To say it differently, more than 100 million people have had cause to seek out and download the compatibility pack for Open XML; likely due to their encountering a document stored in one of the formats,” explained Gray Knowlton, Microsoft Office Group Product Manager. More »

Office 2007’s applications save their files in a new format called OpenXML. Earlier versions of Microsoft Office do not recognize the OpenXML format, although they can be upgraded with the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack to support the OpenXML format.

Many people who purchase new computers or upgrade to Office 2007 do not realize documents created in Office 2007 will not work in older versions of Microsoft Office. Many times people who receive their documents cannot open them.

This guide shows you how to set Microsoft Office 2007 applications default file format to an older format supported by Microsoft Office 97-2003.

Change the Default File Format

In this example, I am going to change Word 2007’s default file format used when saving documents from .docx to .doc (the file format used by Office 97-2003). This can also be done in Excel 2007 and Power Point 2007. More »

I have been using office 2007 for sometime now and become quite used to the know how, features and tools location in Microsoft Word 2007.

With Office 2007 released the old classic menu layout which includes File | Edit | View and so on is replaced by the new web 2.0 tabbed ribbon interface which includes Home | Insert | Page Layout and so on.

But, I have seen lot of people wasting so much time to actually locate different features like Format ,Tool and Table etc which appears simply in the old classic word 2003 menu layout.

Let’s see how can you restore the old classic word 2003 menu layout in word 2007.

There is a small program called MS Word 2007 Ribbon to Old Classic Menu Toolbar Interface Software 7.0 which lets you apply the old classic menu layout in word 2007. More »

Securing Microsoft Office Word 2007 documents with Digital Signatures, When you receive a document that has been signed by someone you know, you are more likely to trust the contents than those of a document that has not been signed, or has been signed with an unfamiliar signature. Signing a document validates it to someone who recognizes your signature, now add the same degree of integrity to your documents in Microsoft Office Word 2007 thanks to the new Digital Signatures feature.

Here’s a video a found on youtube.com about Word 2007 Digital Signatures. Check it out. More »