If you are frequent web browser ,a blogger or a freelancer if you are in any web related profession then you must be spending around at least about 1-2 hours on web.

Why open multiple pages at start in mozilla firefox ?

Now every minute of your’s is important so it’s you to decide how you can optimise and speed up your repeated browser activity in order to make the most efficient use of your time .

Lets assume that you have a medium speed internet connection and you use firefox every time so, if you have to open intial web sites every time before you start work like open email , dash board of your wordpress blog, google reader etc More »

Ever wondered just how some web sites are produced ? Ye, I know that you can
access the page source, but if the site is driven by cascading style sheets
it may not be obvious how it is all created.

Well, I recently came across an extension for the Firefox browser called
CSSFly ?

The installation follows normal Mozilla practice, and an icon may be placed
on the toolbar in the normal way. More »