We search for lots of information on the internet. But it is not necessary that others know about this. Whenever you visit any website this information is captured and stored in your computer in the form of ‘cache’, ‘cookie’, ‘history’, and ‘windows registry’. There is a danger due to this. Whoever uses the same computer after you have used can find out which websites you have been visiting. If you have a personal computer that no one else will ever use, then you don’t have to worry much about this. But if your home or office computer is shared then you better clear this history. In this tutorial let us see how to completely remove the recently visited websites from your computer. More »

Have a fear you will forget your password, or the adminstrator password. Well, back it up. I’d personally not worry about it all, but it’s a feature.

Backup up login password:

open Control Panel
User Accounts and Family Safety
User Accounts
Create a password reset disk
Follow wizard
Insert USB stick
Type current password

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