Microsoft is offering a way for users of Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista to enjoy a consistent boost in performance of the instant messaging client. After it was announced at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the last year, Yahoo Messenger for Vista took approximately a whole year to come out as a public beta. Back in December 2007, Yahoo delivered the first taste of Yahoo Messenger for Vista, with versions for both the 32-bit and 64-bit flavors of the latest Windows client. Once the 2008 International CES was out of the way, an update was introduced to the preview version of the IM client this January. More »

Microsoft has made available as a free download the Software Development Kit for Syndicated Client Experiences Starter Kit & Reader. The SDK is designed to permit building applications similar to the New York Times reader introduced in late 2006 for Windows Vista users.

The Syndicated Client Experiences Starter Kit & Reader leverages the Windows Presentation Foundation, the advanced unified programming model and presentation system that is integrated into the latest Windows client. The best way to understand what the SSK has to offer is to take a look at the New York Times reader, because that application is based on the Syndicated Client Experiences Starter Kit & Reader. More »

In early builds of Windows Vista, testers were shown a new 3D interface powered by the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) that was filled with animations of all sorts. This interface was very cool looking. However, because of delays, Microsoft had to cut the use of WPF in the UI and most of the “WOW” was removed.

Thankfully, there are some very talented developers out there that have made utilities to bring back the excitement of the cut features. The one I am covering in this article, is the animated user picture shown on the Start Menu.

Using a great utility called 3D User Picture, you can easily make your start menu look just like the video above. More »