Today I am going to share a very good news with all the readers. There has been some limiting features in Apple phone products like they cannot forward any message or they can be connected through Bluetooth to only those device which are apple product, but I feel slowly and slowly they are removing them. They have made an endeavor to solve this problem.

Generally in all the good phones from Nokia, Motorola and other brands in out country, we can connect out laptop or PC with them to use internet, we just need a USB data cable or Bluetooth connection and then you can easily surf the internet with the help of that device and the service provider supporting that device. But this feature was not available with iPhone, as you can use internet on those devices but you cannot use those device to connect your Laptop or PC with internet. But then, if anyone has to survive in this competing market then improvement is necessary and this goes true for Apple also. Hence they decided to advance the number of features in their iPhone and iPad by introducing another feature which has been mentioned below.

This above mentioned feature is named as Internet Tethering and this feature has been enable by Apple now, but with some limitations, one of them is that your MAC system or Windows system should have minimum system requirement and the iOS version available on any of the phone like iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs or iPhone 4 should be iOS4. If you want to check whether you iPhone or any other device by Apple is capable of equipping this feature then go to setting then General then network and then if you are able to see Internet Tethering then your device is capable of supporting this features, but if you cannot see that feature then you can connect your device to iTunes and then update your career settings and then you may see that option but still if the option is missing then your device does not support this feature.

I will surely keep you updated with all sorts of news updates about the news features being embedded in Apple devices. Meanwhile id you get any news which should be shared among the users then please do not hesitate to put it in the comments sections as it will be our pleasure to share that news.

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