What is Windows Messenger Service? How to stop Windows Messenger Service?

There are two messenger services available for Windows and Internet users. They are Windows Messenger Service and Instant Messaging. Instant Messenger is used to chat, call, share files, video conference, send SMS messages between two internet users.

Windows Messenger is used to just send messages between two users in the network.

This article is about Windows Messenger Service not about Instant messaging. We will discuss how we can stop the Windows Messenger Service that can be really troublesome at times.

Is Windows Messenger Service problematic?

Yes. A total stranger can use Windows Messenger Service to send you a message. When you are seriously engaged in your work, a pop window will suddently appear in your window. You will see the message sent by the stranger. The title bar of the pop window will show ‘Messenger Service’.

Users of Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP will have this Windows Messenger Service. The person who send these messages over internet may not even know who you are. Likewise you too may not know who sent these messages.

To play hide and seek like this Windows Messenger Service is used. You do not need any special skills to send these messages. Even new computer users can send these messages. The Windows messenger service is so easy to use.

They may send messages that threaten as if your computer has been infected by a virus. Or a message that sends advertisements. It may even prompt you to change passwords by clicking on a link and taking you to another website. Or the message can be just about anything.

If you can stop the windows messenger service in your computer then you can prevent all these pop up windows from your computer. If required you can bring back windows messenger service anytime later.

How to Stop Windows Messenger Service?

For those Windows 98 users and Windows ME users, sorry you cannot stop this windows messenger service in your computer.

To stop Windows Messenger service in Windows NT

  1. Click on Start->Control Panel
  2. Double click the ‘Administrative tools’ icon.
  3. Click on the ‘Services’ icon and double click the ‘Messenger’
  4. In the ‘Messenger Properties’ window select the ‘Stop’ option
  5. In the ‘Startup type’ option select the ‘Disable’ option
  6. Click on OK

To stop Windows Messenger in Windows 2000

  1. Click on Start->Settings->Control Panel
  2. Click on the ‘Administrative tools’
  3. Click on ‘Services’
  4. Scroll down and find the ‘Messenger’ service and click on properties command
  5. Click on ‘Stop’ button
  6. In the Startup type select ‘Disable’
  7. Click on ‘OK’

To stop Windows Messenger Service in Windows XP Home edition

  1. Click on Start=>settings=>Control Panel
  2. Click on ‘Performance and Maintenance’
  3. Click on the ‘Administrative Tools’
  4. Click on ‘Services’
  5. Scroll down and choose the ‘Messenger’ and right click and select ‘Properties’
  6. Click on ‘Stop’
  7. In the ‘Startup type’ select ‘Disable’.

To stop Windows Messenger Service in Windows XP Professional

  1. Click on Start=>settings=>Control Panel
  2. Click on the ‘Administrative Tools’
  3. Click on ‘Services
  4. Scroll down and choose the ‘Messenger’ and right click and select ‘Properties’
  5. Click on ‘Stop’
  6. In the ‘Startup type’ select ‘Disable’.

Congratulations you have successfully stopped your Windows Messenger Service. Now you will not get those annoying pop windows from strangers anymore.

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