Who does not like animations? Colorful and beautiful animations that leads to an image that most people use it. But in some cases can be distracting animations. Windows 8 on the startup screen of the current (Modern User Interface).

In particular, by using the Windows key on the desktop, the start screen is quite annoying animations that last time, eye-stinging can be. Is there a way to avoid this is easy. A few short animations will be disabled after the procedure. First of all, the search at the “My Computer” Let’s call. Already typing the entire word, the result will be.

no metro

Later on “My Computer” right click and select “Properties (Properties)” let’s say.

no metro

Then on the left side “Advanced System Settings (Advanced System Settings)” to click on.

no metro

Pop-up window “Performance” section “Settings (Settings)” Then click on the section.

Finally, the list in the “Animation Control in Windows and Elements (Animate Controls and Elements inside Windows)” option and tick’i up.

no metro

Then click “Apply” and “OK” by pressing the Terminate the process.


After you do this you will be left disabled Windows startup screen animations. If you want to re-activate animations in the future, these operations do it again and again just add tick’i raised from the final stage.

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