Microsoft introduced the Fix it Solution Center in the first half of 2010, and now also made available for download a Fix IT pack, which it’s offering free of charge.

The Fix it Solution Center is designed to help customers find automated solutions for their problems.

Essentially, in addition to sometimes providing guidance and step-by-step instructions for customers to resolve a range of issues with Microsoft’s products, the software giant started putting together basic tools designed to automatically resolve glitches, bugs, etc.

Fix It makes it possible for users to launch an automated solution designed to take care of a specific problem and watch it go away, rather than having to implement a workaround manually.

“Microsoft Fix it troubleshooters help you automatically diagnose and repair problems with common computer problems, such as audio, Internet, and printing problems. If your problems aren’t fixed, Fix it troubleshooters provide you with the next steps to take,” the company said.

“Microsoft Fix it: Automated solutions for your issues” is a new download from the software giant designed to offer users a package of 23 fixes.

Each of the 23 Mats_run.exe downloads is designed to deal with a specific issue, from the Aero UI, to audio playback and recording, to codecs, devices, DVD, HomeGroup, IE addons, IE performance, maintenance, MSN client, performance, pictures, power, printing, search, setting up a TV tuner, Windows time zones, Windows Firewall, Windows Update, file folders, Windows Media security, and Windows security.

“When you run the Mats_run.exe file, a wizard will guide you through the troubleshooting experience. The troubleshooter downloads and installs the required components, and then analyzes your computer to look for issues that can be resolved automatically. You can select between the following options:

Detect the problems and apply the fixes for me This option automatically fixes all problems that are detected

Detect problems and let me select the fixes to apply This option lets you select which issues to fix,” Microsoft said.

Microsoft Fix It is available for download list:


Audio Playback

Audio Recording




Home Group

IE Addon

IE Performance


MSN Client






Set Up TV Tuner

Time Zones

Windows Firewall

Windows Update




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