Microsoft has thought ahead and is ready to help customers deal with any problems they might have. In fact, the Redmond company has started preparing for this long before Windows Phone 7 devices hit store shelves around the world.

Following the general availability of Windows Phone 7 in the United States earlier this week, the software giant also unveiled the customer support options already available.

Of course, support is not only about resolving glitches, but also about taking advantage of everything that Windows Phone 7 has to offer. An in this regard, Microsoft has already a well-trained Front Line in place.

“Sales agents around the globe have been trained by Microsoft on the latest and greatest features found within WP7.

“These sales agents have been equipped with the necessary know-how to ensure they are ready to help consumers make the most of their Windows Phone 7 from Day 1,” a Microsoft spokesman told me.

In addition, the software giant is offering WP7 customers online and self-help.

Online help resources are available 24-7, and all that WP7 device owners need to do is head over to the how-to section at

Here they will find a wide variety of content designed to streamline self-help, including podcasts, top FAQ’s and links to online forums. Alternatively, they can also just make their way to Microsoft Answers and post whatever questions they might have.

But if analog face-to-face or traditional online support is not enough, Microsoft is also offering help through the leading social engineering sites worldwide, Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter Support: In addition to “traditional” online support, support for WP7 customers will also be available via Microsoft Support’s twitter handle (@MicrosoftHelps) and the new twitter handle specifically for Windows Phone 7 Support Questions (@WinPhoneSupport).

Facebook: Customers that visit the Windows Phone page on Facebook can use the Support tab to find various support resources, including links to hardware manufacturer & mobile operator support,” the Microsoft spokesman added.

And lastly, Phone Support is also available from the software giant. (I’ll ask Microsoft for more details related to this and get back to you soon. Make sure to keep your eyes on this space for an update)

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