An updated version of Windows PowerShell Quick Reference is now available for download from Microsoft, having been released the past month. Live on the Microsoft Download Center since April 20th, 2010, the Windows PowerShell Quick Reference is, as the name implies, a free resource offered by the Redmond company to simplify the work of IT professionals leveraging PowerShell. Essentially, the download is designed to provide a quick-reference guide detailing a number of common Windows PowerShell commands.

Whether an IT admin wants to know how to access arguments, solicit input, use colored text, insert comments, print data, change security settings, run a specific script, sort data, create a .NET object, etc., the Windows PowerShell Quick Reference has the answer.

At the same time, the guide offered by Microsoft covers additional commands for PowerShell, and admins should download it, print it and keep in on hand, just in case. “For best results, open the file in Microsoft Word, print the contents to legal-sized paper (8 inches by 14 inches), and fold the resulting printout in half, making a four-page booklet,” Microsoft stated.

Of course, the guide only offers a limited number of commands for PowerShell, but IT administrators can do so much more with the scripting language. The Redmond company has a cozy nook set up online, on TechNet: Scripting with Windows PowerShell, enabling IT pros to make the best of PowerShell.

Version 2.0 is the latest release of PowerShell, which was launched to manufacturing concomitantly with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, as it is a default component of both operating systems. Microsoft subsequently offered PowerShell 2.0 for older releases of Windows client and Server, including Windows XP SP3, Windows 2003 SP2, Windows Vista SP1/SP2 and Windows Server 2008. Users of pre-Windows 7 operating systems from Microsoft can download the Windows Management Framework Core package, which brings to the table not only Windows PowerShell 2.0, but also Windows Remote Management (WinRM) 2.0.

The Windows Management Framework Core package is available for download here.

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