The Multilingual User Interface Pack for Windows XP is designed to enable the end user to swap the languages for the graphical user interface. Microsoft has available a version of the MUI Pack which is tailored to XP Service Pack 2. Now, with the advent of XP SP3, the Redmond company has not made available a new variant of the MUI Pack, but instead introduced an update set up to make the Multilingual User Interface package for XP SP2 play well with Service Pack 3. The update is, in fact, meant to fix an incongruity between the MUI Pack and the gold bits of XP SP3.

“On a computer that is running the English version of Windows XP SP3 with the Windows XP SP2 Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Pack, you can select a non-English language for the user interface (UI). However, text may appear in English in the UI instead of in the selected language. The English text may appear in lists, menus, dialog boxes, product Help, and other locations,” Microsoft informed.

Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 3.0, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 6.1, Network Access Protection (NAP) and Scripting binaries are the components Microsoft pointed to as failing to integrate seamlessly into XP SP3. The update resolves all issues, according to the company. “Install this package to get the Microsoft Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI) Update for Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3),” Microsoft revealed.

“As noted on TechNet off the main Windows XP TechCenter, Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) is now available for download and install via Windows Update and the Microsoft Download Center. Windows XP SP3 includes all previously released updates for the operating system, in addition to a small number of new updates. Windows XP SP3 will not significantly change the Windows XP experience. We recommend customers use Windows Update to install the service pack, as it will provide the best experience,” revealed M3 Sweatt, the Chief of Staff of the Windows Core Operating System Division (COSD) at Microsoft.

Windows XP SP3 RTM Build 5512 can be downloaded here.


French (Full installer)

German (Full installer)

Spanish (Full installer)

Italian (Full installer)

Russian (Full installer)

Czech Republic (Full installer)

Poland (Full installer)

Japan (Full installer)

Israel (Full installer)

China (Full installer)

Turkish (Full installer)


  1. bentz says:

    Israel (Full installer) link actually points to Korean version??!! :-(

  2. Gicu says:

    lo scaricato e spero che va.
    Mile grazie.

  3. wok says:

    Do you have link to Chinese Simplified(CHS)?

  4. il nome non è importante says:

    mui is not available by retail or other channels, only through volume licensing,

    this download are not recommended, be aware

  5. Max says:

    Is there some way to change from Spanish to English?
    Tks a lot…

  6. Julio says:

    Non-working on oem windows xp sp3, says “the installer is in different language”, I need a pure MUI for SP3, not a SP3 itself

  7. ALEC says:


  8. john says:

    hi all
    plz help
    how to change windows xp from german to english

  9. luna says:

    well i need arabic full installer!!! :-(

  10. evgen says:

    How to change Italian Windows XP SP3 Home Edition to Russian?

  11. sadiq says:

    is there awailable multilingual user interface arabic for windows xp sp3 home on any web site

  12. kelliewellie says:

    Found this in another forum.. with claims that it was working for people…

    To change the whole system language you should install newer service pack with different language.

    For axample if you have XP SP2 in ENG and want to have it in Italian, you will have to download SP3 in Italian, change some registry keys (go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Nls\Language registry key, and then change the value date for “Default” and “InstallLanguage” registry value from 0409 to 0410) and you’ll be able to install it in Italian.

    If no problems occur, you will have the whole system language changed. Here is the list of numbers that represents each language in registry:

    0436 = “af;Afrikaans”
    041C = “sq;Albanian”
    0001 = “ar;Arabic”
    0401 = “ar-sa;Arabic (Saudi Arabia)”
    0801 = “ar-iq;Arabic (Iraq)”
    0C01 = “ar-eg;Arabic (Egypt)”
    1001 = “ar-ly;Arabic (Libya)”
    1401 = “ar-dz;Arabic (Algeria)”
    1801 = “ar-ma;Arabic (Morocco)”
    1C01 = “ar-tn;Arabic (Tunisia)”
    2001 = “ar-om;Arabic (Oman)”
    2401 = “ar-ye;Arabic (Yemen)”
    2801 = “ar-sy;Arabic (Syria)”
    2C01 = “ar-jo;Arabic (Jordan)”
    3001 = “ar-lb;Arabic (Lebanon)”
    3401 = “ar-kw;Arabic (Kuwait)”
    3801 = “ar-ae;Arabic (you.A.E.)”
    3C01 = “ar-bh;Arabic (Bahrain)”
    4001 = “ar-qa;Arabic (Qatar)”
    042D = “eu;Basque”
    0402 = “bg;Bulgarian”
    0423 = “be;Belarusian”
    0403 = “ca;Catalan”
    0004 = “zh;Chinese”
    0404 = “zh-tw;Chinese (Taiwan)”
    0804 = “zh-cn;Chinese (China)”
    0C04 = “zh-hk;Chinese (Hong Kong SAR)”
    1004 = “zh-sg;Chinese (Singapore)”
    041A = “hr;Croatian”
    0405 = “cs;Czech”
    0406 = “the;Danish”
    0413 = “nl;Dutch (Netherlands)”
    0813 = “nl-be;Dutch (Belgium)”
    0009 = “en;English”
    0409 = “en-us;English (United States)”
    0809 = “en-gb;English (United Kingdom)”
    0C09 = “en-au;English (Australia)”
    1009 = “en-ca;English (Canada)”
    1409 = “en-nz;English (New Zealand)”
    1809 = “en-ie;English (Ireland)”
    1C09 = “en-za;English (South Africa)”
    2009 = “en-jm;English (Jamaica)”
    2809 = “en-bz;English (Belize)”
    2C09 = “en-tt;English (Trinidad)”
    0425 = “et;Estonian”
    0438 = “fo;Faeroese”
    0429 = “fa;Farsi”
    040B = “fi;Finnish”
    040C = “fr;French (France)”
    080C = “fr-be;French (Belgium)”
    0C0C = “fr-ca;French (Canada)”
    100C = “fr-ch;French (Switzerland)”
    140C = “fr-lu;French (Luxembourg)”
    043C = “gd;Gaelic”
    0407 = “de;German (Germany)”
    0807 = “de-ch;German (Switzerland)”
    0C07 = “de-at;German (Austria)”
    1007 = “de-lu;German (Luxembourg)”
    1407 = “de-li;German (Liechtenstein)”
    0408 = “el;Greek”
    040D = “he;Hebrew”
    0439 = “hi;Hindi”
    040E = “hu;Hungarian”
    040F = “is;Icelandic”
    0421 = “in;Indonesian”
    0410 = “it;Italian (Italy)”
    0810 = “it-ch;Italian (Switzerland)”
    0411 = “ja;Japanese”
    0412 = “ko;Korean”
    0426 = “lv;Latvian”
    0427 = “lt;Lithuanian”
    042F = “mk;FYRO Macedonian”
    043E = “ms;Malay (Malaysia)”
    043A = “mt;Maltese” 0414 = “no;Norwegian (Bokmal)”
    0814 = “no;Norwegian (Nynorsk)”
    0415 = “pl;Polish”
    0416 = “pt-br;Portuguese (Brazil)”
    0816 = “pt;Portuguese (Portugal)”
    0417 = “rm;Rhaeto-Romanic”
    0418 = “ro;Romanian”
    0818 = “ro-mo;Romanian (Moldova)”
    0419 = “ru;Russian”
    0819 = “ru-mo;Russian (Moldova)”
    0C1A = “sr;Serbian (Cyrillic)”
    081A = “sr;Serbian (Latin)”
    041B = “sk;Slovak”
    0424 = “sl;Slovenian”
    042E = “sb;Sorbian”
    040A = “es;Spanish (Traditional Sort)”
    080A = “es-mx;Spanish (Mexico)”
    0C0A = “es;Spanish (International Sort)”
    100A = “es-gt;Spanish (Guatemala)”
    140A = “es-cr;Spanish (Costa Rica)”
    180A = “es-pa;Spanish (Panama)”
    1C0A = “es-do;Spanish (Dominican Republic)”
    200A = “es-ve;Spanish (Venezuela)”
    240A = “es-co;Spanish (Colombia)”
    280A = “es-pe;Spanish (Peru)”
    2C0A = “es-ar;Spanish (Argentina)”
    300A = “es-ec;Spanish (Ecuador)”
    340A = “es-cl;Spanish (Chile)”
    380A = “es-uy;Spanish (Uruguay)”
    3C0A = “es-py;Spanish (Paraguay)”
    400A = “es-bo;Spanish (Bolivia)”
    440A = “es-sv;Spanish (El Salvador)”
    480A = “es-hn;Spanish (Honduras)”
    4C0A = “es-ni;Spanish (Nicaragua)”
    500A = “es-pr;Spanish (Puerto Rico)”
    0430 = “sx;Sutu”
    041D = “sv;Swedish”
    081D = “sv-fi;Swedish (Finland)”
    041E = “th;Thai”
    0431 = “ts;Tsonga”
    0432 = “tn;Tswana”
    041F = “tr;Turkish”
    0422 = “uk;Ukrainian”
    0420 = “your;Urdu”
    042A = “vi;Vietnamese”
    0434 = “xh;Xhosa”
    043D = “ji;Yiddish”
    0435 = “zu;Zulu”

  13. Nahmsath says:

    The problem with the precedent fix, it works but does not translate everything in the desire language. I did to switch italian to french, but some folder names are still in italian… what does Microsoft says??

  14. Broscaru Petre says:

    l-am pierdut!

  15. vreau in limba romana

  16. graucho murray says:

    kelliewellie tank you

  17. i want to arbic language pack for window xp3

  18. Biagio says:

    Ciao, vorrei scaricare il language pack in rumeno per modificare con n-lite windows xp sp3 dall’italiano al rumeno ma non ci sto riuscendo. Se qualcuno mi puo dare qualche spiegazione che non ci sto capendo un c…. Grazie

  19. i have english window xp pro how can i change in spanish

  20. bas says:

    Great it works!!! Thanks for the post!!

  21. Łukasz says:

    I have Polish Windows XP Pro how can i change in to Japanese?

  22. Jhon says:

    No puedo instalar español por que me sale >Error diciendo que no se puede instalar el idioma por que no coincide con el idioma de actualizacion, que hago eh ayudenme porfavor. Muchas gracias

  23. Marco says:

    Romanian (Full installer)? possible link?

  24. cristian says:

    gracias de verdad

  25. Iharraren says:

    does not working on IBM oem windows xp sp3, says “the installer is in different language”, I need a pure MUI for IBM oem windows xp sp3; Iharraren Morocco city, Best Regard.

  26. Alexander says:

    please can someone help me with the following:

    i changed my dutch XP SP3 into French due to the explanation above, from Kelliewellie, so i changed some register files. Now almost everything works perfect in French, but the search function doesn’t work anymore in the start menu. It gives about the following error: search doesn’t work properly, cause there is a file missing, you should maybe re install windows..
    anybody can help me?
    I am starting a foundation for French speaking African people and need French XP software for about 15 computers. suggestions or people who have xp french and don’t use it anymore please contact me

  27. shingo says:

    doesnt work i tried to install japanese one but it came out with a pop up says sp3????????????????whats up?

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